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Announcing the Cast of Seussical:

Cat:  Michael Warner
Jojo:  Marcus Myers
Horton:  Justin Grankewicz
Gertrude:  Jessica DePalo
Mayzie:  Carole Shannon
Sour Kangaroo:  Katia Greene
Young Kangaroo:  Natalia Tsourides
Mr. Mayor:  Paul Antico
Mrs. Mayor:  Jean Lyon
General:  Jack Ferdman
Bird Girls:  Audrey Clark, Anne Martland, Morgan Campbell
Wickershams:  Evan Cole, Ricky Desisto, Jack Ferdman
Yertle the Turtle:  Athan Mantalos
Vlad Vladicoff:  Ella Batogowski
Grinch:  Bruno Barbuto
Thing 1:  Sydney Steele
Thing 2:  Oisin Rowan
Adult Ensemble:  Nicole DiRuzza, Lily Grazioso, Abby Tondorf
Children’s Ensemble:  Grace Byrne, Riley Byrne, Angela Kennedy, Maeve Murphy, Lilly Weymouth

Directed by Vickie Kirichok-Pratt, Music Direction by Jose Merlo, Choreography by Liz Tronni.

Rehearsals and performances will take place at Sanborn Auditorium on the second floor of Hingham Town Hall, 210 Central St., Hingham, MA 02043. Tech week is October 14-18, 2019.

Performances (in 2019):
Sat, Oct 19 at 7:30pm, Sun, Oct. 20 at 2pm, Sat, Oct 26 at 7:30pm, and Sun, Oct 27 at 2pm


THE CAT IN THE HAT (can be played by a man or a woman) - Vocal range: tenor/baritone
The Cat is the host and the emcee for the show as well as the essence of mischief, fun, and imagination. He stirs things up, causes trouble, but always sets thing right again, helping Jojo discover the power of his own imagination as they create the story for the show. The Cat’s intentions, although mischievous, are benevolent. Must be played by a physically adept actor who is comfortable improvising with the audience. 

HORTON - Vocal range: tenor/baritone
Horton’s main objective throughout the show is to protect the defenseless charges in his care — Mayzie’s abandoned egg and the invisible planet of Who. Horton the elephant is a slow-moving, contemplative thinker in a world of agile, fleet-footed, quick and opinionated jungle animals. Different than the other animals, Horton is an easy scapegoat. But Horton is honest and faithful and kind. He is so preoccupied with the troubles of those in his care that he is oblivious to Gertrude’s romantic interests. In the end, Horton awakens to Gertrude’s affection and discovers his ability to receive love as well as to give it.

GERTRUDE - Vocal range: soprano
Gertrude is quirky and unsure of herself and desperately in love with Horton (who is much too preoccupied with protecting the Whos and Mayzie’s egg to notice). Her quest to attract Horton backfires when her new enhancements make it impossible to fly off to save Horton. In the end, she realizes that substance is more important than style and wins the love of Horton and helps to save Who. 

MAYZIE - Vocal range: soprano/alto/belter
A bird and a citizen of the Jungle of Nool. Mayzie is self-centered, selfish and vain. She manipulates anyone she can (especially Horton) into doing what she wants, but she isn’t all bad. In giving up her egg to Horton once and for all, she has a moment of generosity—she realizes she isn’t the kind of person who’d be a good parent and does the best thing she can for the egg. Strong singer and comedic actor with strong movement skills.

THE SOUR KANGAROO - Vocal range: soprano/alto
The Sour Kangaroo is the diva queen of the jungle. She is a marsupial with attitude, style, and flair. The Sour Kangaroo is loud, brassy, and a lot of fun.

Baby Kangaroo (child)
Sour Kangaroo’s child. Determinedly imitating his/her mother, Baby Kangaroo has guts and gumption and a similar defiant attitude.

BIRD GIRLS - Vocal range: mixed ranges
Three sassy birds and citizens of the Jungle of Nool. The popular girls in any school--a clique of gorgeous, self-centered "back up birds" who do whatever Mayzie does. They often act as storytellers, picking up where The Cat left off. A big presence throughout the production. Must be very strong singer/movers with lots of soulful, sassy singing.

WICKERSHAMS - Vocal range: mixed ranges
The Wickersham are impulsive bad boys who like to monkey around, creating havoc for fun. They bully those they consider to be weaker. But their bravado has its roots in insecurity, not evil. The Wickershams’ macho posturing increases when around the beautiful Bird Girls. They athletic movers and strong singers.

Vocal range: baritone/base
Yertle acts as the judge of the jungle. He believes he has been endowed with superior gifts not shared by the other animals and deserves a higher stature. He has a sense of entitlement and has a need for order. He likes to be the one who is looked to for decision-making and setting things right.

JOJO (age 8-12) - Vocal range: soprano/alto
Jojo is a "Thinker", a smart child with a wild imagination. He can be played as being a little bit awkward, a little bit of a loner, or simply a rambunctious kid whose Thinks get him into constant trouble. By the end of the show, he learns what it means to be a responsible member of his world, using the power and possibilities of his own Thinks.

MR. MAYOR (age 30-50) - Vocal range: tenor/baritone
Mr. Mayor wants to be a good leader and father. He is a recently-elected official who is proud of his new role and eager to prove his abilities. Mr. Mayor is disturbed by the troubling antics of his dreamer son, JoJo. As a public official, Mr. Mayor expects his son to exhibit upright behavior, not the surprising, unruly, disruptive behaviors that have him sent home from school.

MRS. MAYOR - Vocal range: soprano
Mrs. Mayor wants, above all else, to be a good wife and mother. She shares her husband’s worry about not knowing how to best care for their “different” child. They may get irritated with Jojo, but they love him dearly and try to do the right thing.

GENERAL GENGHIS KHAN SCHMITZ - Vocal range: baritone
General Schmitz is bursting with pride at the military academy he runs and the boys he turns out. He is not sadistic, mean, or abusive. He is proud! He is doing the right thing for his boys! He is making the world a better place! This makes him a comic character, because it’s clear he’s so misguided. He should not be played as a villain or bully. By the end of the show, he’s discovered that making war may not be the right thing to do, and that adults can learn from children as well. 

THE GRINCH - Vocal range: baritone/bass
The Grinch is a green beastie who lives in Whoville. He is a happy member of the Who community, but this wasn’t always the case. He once lived angrily apart and wished to disrupt the pleasantry of the Whos. His story and change of heart are all part of Who culture now, and happily retold every Christmas.

Adults and children who can sing and move will be needed to play a variety of supporting roles including Jungle Creatures and Citizens of Who.