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​​​Shrek The Musical Cast List (in order of appearance)

Young Shrek:  Nolan McHugh
Mama Ogre:  Debbie Rawson Stratton
Papa Ogre:  Danny Hannafin
King Harold:  Joel Leonard
Queen Lilian:  Katie Duff
Young Fiona:  Katie Walsh
Happy People:  Molly McLellan, Halle Pratt  ,Alexandra Huntington, Katherine Bennis
Angry Villagers:  Hannah Ford, Nicole DiRuzza, Ben Healy, Isabella DiOrio, Denise Feeney
Shrek:  Chris DiOrio
Head Guard:  Kyle Randall
Pinocchio:  Aaron Stolicker
Big Bad Wolf:  Danny Hannafin
Pig #2:  Denise Feeney

Pig #2:  Abby Randall
Pig #1:  Nicole DiRuzza
White Rabbit:  Ben Healy
Fairy Godmother:  Halle Pratt
Peter Pan:  Molly McLellan
Ugly Duckling:  Alexandra Huntington
Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy:  Hannah Ford
Elf:  Katie Walsh
Witch:  Catherine Bennis
Baby Bear:  Nolan McHugh
Papa Bear:  Joel Leonard
Mama Bear:  Katie Duff
Donkey:  Brendan Smith
Lord Farquaad:  Anthony Light
Teen Fiona:  Halle Pratt
Fiona:  Leslie DiOrio
Dragon:  Debbie Rawson Stratton​​
Thelonius:  Aaron Stolicker

Bishop:  Kyle Randall
Dwarf:  Katie Walsh

Mad Hatter:  Isabella DiOrio
Rats (Tap Dancers):  Molly McLellan, Halle Pratt, Alex Huntington, Catherine Bennis
Bluebird (sung from offstage):  Debbie Rawson Stratton
Three Blind Mice:  Molly McLellan, Halle Pratt, Catherine Bennis

Duloc Dancers:  ​Halle Pratt ,Molly McLellan, Nicole Di Ruzza, Alex Huntington, Catherine Bennis, Hannah Ford, Denise Feeney, Abby Randall

SITZPROBE (required):
Sat. Oct. 14, likely in the morning

TECH WEEK (required):
Mon. Oct. 16-Thur. Oct. 19

SHOW DATES (required):
Sat. Oct. 21 at 7:30pm, Sun. Oct. 22 at 2pm, Fri. Oct. 27 at 7:30pm, Sat. Oct. 28 at 7:30pm, and Sun. Oct. 29 at 2pm

Director: Lisa Pratt
Music Director: Mark Bono
Choreographer: Tara McSweeney Morrison